DotNetBrowser 1.7.1: Updated DOM API

DotNetBrowser 1.7.1 comes with the following features and improvements:

  • Update of DOM API: now it is easier to work with forms fields, modify field values and obtain modified values directly from .NET.
  • Improved inter-process communication between .NET and Chromium processes.
  • Added spell checker support: now you can enable or disable spell checking, configure a specific language to use and be notified about spell check completion.
  • Added password manager support: now it is possible to save login credentials or tell Chromium not to save them for a specific website.
  • Added media stream device manager API: now it is possible to choose a non-default web camera or microphone. 
  • Fixed heavyweight component freezing.
  • Fixed keyboard typing latency.

Release date: July 4, 2016

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