You can obtain teamdev.licenses with an evaluation licence and start using your 30-day trial after filling a form by the following link:

This article describes how to install any licence file, including Evaluation, Development, and Runtime licences.

If the teamdev.licenses  licence file is missing, not valid or not installed properly, an exception will be thrown, saying:

Unable to find a valid DotNetBrowser Licence. Please make sure you have set up your licence correctly. To do so, follow the instructions here:

To get rid of this exception, you should install your valid teamdev.licenses file as described below.

In Solution Explorer right-click your project and select the Add — Existing Item... menu item:

In the File Open dialog select D:\Projects\DotNetBrowser\Library\teamdev.licenses and click Add:

In Solution Explorer right-click teamdev.licenses and select Properties:

In the Properties panel change Build Action to Embedded Resource: