Note: Advice in this article will only work for DotNetBrowser 1.
See the corresponding article for DotNetBrowser 2 here.

ZIP distribution archive

To include DotNetBrowser into your Visual Studio Project, you can download and extract the archive into some directory. Then add the reference to the DotNetBrowser.dll into your .NET Visual Studio Project. Adding DotNetBrowser.Chromium.dll is optional; DotNetBrowser.Chromium.dll is found automatically if it is located in the same folder withDotNetBrowser.dll.

You can find a more detailed instructions for this case by the following this link: Including DotNetBrowser into your .NET project

Adding DotNetBrowser.Chromium.dll is required for proper deployment in some cases.


DotNetBrowser is available as a NuGet package at You can install it using the Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager. Right-click “References” in your project, select “Manage NuGet packages…” and search for DotNetBrowser package and hit Install.


If you want to add the DotNetBrowser controls to the Visual Studio Toolbox, the most convenient way is to download and install the VSIX package that is available at Visual Studio gallery.