Note: Advice in this article will only work for DotNetBrowser 1.
See the corresponding article for DotNetBrowser 2 here.

When the user moves the cursor over a link, the Chromium engine displays its URL in the status bar. JavaScript code can change the text in the status bar programmatically via the window.statusproperty as well. The DotNetBrowser API provides functionality that allows you to get notifications about status bar text changes.

StatusChangedEvent indicates that the status bar text has been changed.

The following sample code demonstrates how to use this functionality:


browser.StatusChangedEvent += delegate(object sender, StatusEventArgs e)
    string statusText = e.Text;


AddHandler browser.StatusChangedEvent,
    sub(sender As Object, e As StatusEventArgs)
        Dim statusText  As String = e.Text
    End sub