To load a web page by its URL use the Browser.LoadURL() method.

The following code demonstrates how to load web page:


Same method can be used for loading a HTML file from a local file system. Instead of URL you just need to provide absolute path to HTML file. For example:


The web page will be loaded asynchronously (it doesn't block current thread execution), so there's no guarantee that Google web page will be loaded completely when the method returns.

The Browser.Loading property will return true if the Browser instance is currently loading resources. To stop loading page and cancel any pending navigation or download operation use Browser.Stop(). In addition, the call to this method stops any dynamic page elements, such as background sounds and animations. 

You can use the FinishLoadingFrameEvent to be informed when the main frame is loaded. At that point, you can assume that the page is loaded completely and execute JavaScript, work with DOM, etc. See Loading URL Synchronously

Since 1.8.1 it is possible to determine browser is currently loading something. The Browser.Loading property will return true in this case.


using System;
using DotNetBrowser;

namespace MyNamespace
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Create Browser instance.
            Browser browser = BrowserFactory.Create();

            // Load "" URL

            // Dispose Browser instance.