Note: Advice in this article is only necessary for DotNetBrowser 1.

There is a known issue related to using DotNetBrowser with Studio 2013 in VB.NET projects.


Visual Studio 2013 crashes immediately when adding DotNetBrowser reference to a VB.NET project. In some cases you can see an error message like "Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 has stopped working" right before the crash. The same project can be opened successfully in Visual Studio 2015.


The DotNetBrowser assembly is obfuscated and protected by the  ConfuserEx protector. There is a conflict between ConfuserEx protection  and Visual Studio 2013 debugging options.


We have detected 3 Visual Studio options related to the conflict:

  1. 'Debug' menu -> Options and Settings -> Show disassembly if source is not available;
  2. 'Debug' menu -> Options and Settings -> Enable address-level debugging;
  3. Project properties -> Debug ->Enable the Visual Studio hosting process

If all these options are turned off, the crash is not reproducible anymore.

Also, this issue is no longer present in Visual Studio 2015.