DotNetBrowser recognizes device scale factor that is used in environments with HiDPI displays and renders HTML content corresponding to that scale factor.

DotNetBrowser supports HiDPI displays on a PC or Windows 8/8.1/10 notebooks.

However, if your application is DPI-unaware, this may lead to rendering issues in the heavyweight rendering mode because Chromium rendering processes are DPI-aware. As a result, you can see black rectangles and misplaced or partially corrupt picture of the web page.

The screenshot below demonstrates the possible rendering issues in this case:

This issue is not reproducible if the control works in the lightweight rendering mode.

The possible solution here is to make your application DPI-aware.

There are several approaches to make your application DPI-aware, and one of them is demonstrated in the WinForms Chromium demo application (see Samples/WinForms.Demo/MainForm.cs for more details):


public partial class MainForm : Form
    public static extern int SetProcessDPIAware();


    public MainForm()



Public Partial Class MainForm
    Inherits Form

    Public Shared Function SetProcessDPIAware() As Integer


    Public Sub New()
    End Sub


End Class

A couple of links for further information: