IE WebBrowser

Google Chromium 69
Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSHTML)
Lightweight: Web page is rendered in a separate native process and the image of rendered web page is displayed in WPF or WinForms control.
Heavyweight: Web page is rendered in Chromium native window embedded into .NET application window.
Heavyweight: MS Internet Explorer native window is embedded into .NET application window.
Rich and easy to use API that can be extended with any functionality that our customers request.
WebBrowser class contains only basic methods and properties. If you need to access extended functionality of MS Internet Explorer engine, you will have to work with COM.
Chromium's multi-process architecture. Each web page is rendered in a separate process.
All Browser instances and web pages are rendered in your .NET application process.
In case of crash in Chromium engine, your .NET app will not be affected and continue working.
In case of crash in MS IE engine, your .NET application will crash either and terminate unexpectedly.
 Memory Usage
All Browser instances are running in separate processes, so DOM and JavaScript don't use memory of your .NET application.
All Browser instances are running in your .NET application process and use your .NET application memory.