We provide free licenses for non-commercial open-source projects. 

In order to proceed with your request for receiving such a free license, your project should satisfy the follow:

Your Open-Source Project:

  1. Cannot be used for a commercial purpose; this is to be confirmed by the license, under which your project is distributed. We will only accept the requests from projects under:
    • Commons Clause License Conditions v.1.0 applied to: a) Apache 2.0; b) BSD; c) ISC; d) MIT.

      Please note that the mentioned licenses will not be accepted without the added common clause condition.

    • Charity Software License;

    • TrackingTeam License.

  2. Should be available in a public repository;
  3. Should have your project description, its purposes and the details on how it can be used;
  4. Should have commits including your project open source code with DotNetBrowser involved. You may use a 30 day-trial license to start the DotNetBrowser integration;

Requirements for obtaining a free license:

  1. Provide a link to your repository;
  2. Send a link to a file with the distribution license of your open-source project;
  3. Give us a reference to a fully qualified type name to which the license will be bound to;
  4. Fill in this application form to specify the above details.

Next steps (details to be provided):

  1. Sign DotNetBrowser Product License Agreement.
  2. Add the disclaimer about DotNetBrowser use to Readme file in your open-source project;
  3. Make a post on a social network about the usage of DotNetBrowser;
  4. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, not covered by this article, please email us at sales@teamdev.com